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Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you collect?

Almost everybody collects something, and most of what we collect isn’t all that fancy. I have many small collections, what do you collect?

Collectibles can be anything, really, as long as the person who collects them believes they are worth collecting.

Since my space at home is not infinite, I still collect but I have become more discriminating about adding to my collections. Collecting is so ingrained in me that when I discovered an new app for my iPad, Pinterest, I was hooked. Luckily it is virtual collecting!

P (as in "pin") plus "interest". Pin your interests there! Pinterest encourages you to "Collect the things you love!"
Pinterest can be:
A virtual file cabinet.
A virtual showcase.
A virtual magazine.
A virtual bulletin board.
"Pinterest" calls itself "A virtual pinboard".

Currently I have 12 boards and 249 pins. If you are not currently on Pinterest, check it out.

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