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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Why do I like Anthropologie so?

I love a home that is filled with things that are basically a snapshot of a homeowner's life. By looking at their accessories you get a glimpse of who they are, their things tell a story! I get that feeling at Anthropologie, like someone has traveled the world and collected a variety of things they found interesting, humorous, or meaningful. The sentimental, the quirky, the reinvented, the antique and the memorable — all are displayed.

Our life experiences should flow through our homes. At Anthropologie you can see ways to break out of the expected, predictable and delve into the unique and interesting. Here you can find unique ways to express your life through accessories.

Anthropologie does a great job grabbing your senses to create a wonderful ambience. From their eye catching displays in old weathered furniture, textiles that make you want to reach out and touch them, to delicious smelling candles filling the air, and designs that evoke your grandmother's things. Anthropologie has the ambience thing down to a tee. It feels like a personal and creative home you could really enjoy spending time in.

I especially like their a animal plates that were on display during my recent visit. I love the style and the colors.
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