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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cruise the Mediterranean 2011

This past September my sisters and I had an epic holiday. We went to Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey and back to Italy. I liked all of our ports, wow, do we have some great memories. It was a great vacation for us, and not a typical summer break. My favorite destination was Taormina, I fell in love with Sicily!
Over the past couple of days I have been thinking about our trip and dreaming of what we will do for our next adventure together (the power of positive thinking)!

Before we left I had done some research into famous sites, churches, and picturesque places to see along our way. I really appreciate architecture, and churches are always the top of my list wherever we go.

Usually when we travel, we go for about seven to ten days and typically don't pack 3 countries into our itinerary (except on cruises). Oh, my goodness, we packed plenty in our trip. One of the best parts, to me, was the suite on the Navigator of the Seas. We were able to visit the Concierge club every evening for drinks an appetizers. The staff was great remembering our drinks from the night before. The sun was still hot in early September and we enjoyed our time at the pool.

We enjoyed Rome for the first few days of our vacation and had some great adventures. We saw all the sights, had some amazing Italian food and relaxed in a Napoleon hotel. We had spent a day in Rome a few years ago on another cruise, but you never get to see it all.

The first stop on our cruise was Messina, Sicily, and I fell in love with Taormina, the city and shopping there, gorgeous! The city is very walkable, and the views were spectacular. The week of the heat, great food, sightseeing, and relaxing on our amazing cruise was at the perfect pace (at one point my sister, Ramona was fighting sickness but she stayed right in there with us seeing all the sights).

Our second port was Kusadasi, (near Athens) where we took an excursion with a group of Americans we met on Cruise Critic. It was a great time, more pleasurable sharing the tour with others. Our destination was Athens. We were they at a good time, no demonstrations over their economic situation.

Ephesus, Turkey was another great stop on our trip. I really enjoyed our visit to Mary's house and then to the ruins of Ephesus. I guess everyone who visits Turkey must take the rug making excursion. I did bring back a small rug that I enjoy daily.

Chania, Crete was another stop, but it was a shorter visit there, staying mostly near the harbor. It was a pleasant day.

When I was growing up, we never did a lot of traveling, an adventure or two to Mexico or Las Vegas was about it. Although I did plan an trip once from Wichita Falls, Texas to Miami, Florida via New Orleans with my grandparents and my little sister Juli. That was probably when I was bitten by the travel bug. My life goals include being able to see the world. Which I am on my way to accomplishing. But, because of this body of mine, I have made a decision to live my life right now, to not wait for tomorrow because we won't know how the arthritis and pain will be then.

May you find a way to live your dreams, no matter how big or small. And may you have sweet memories to see you through the tough times. Here's to memories of The Mediterranean and dreams of another visit.

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